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      What's in a Number?

  • The Massachusetts Constitution has been amended 120 times so far. When the Health Care Amendment passes, it will be the 121st Amendment to our Constitution.
  • One-to-One is how news of our Campaign spreads -- person to person, neighbor to neighbor, activist to activist. This is a Citizen's Initiative; our Campaign runs by connecting to people and explaining person to person what the Health Care Amendment is, how it helps and why it's needed.

      How Can I Help?

  • Click here to Volunteer with the Campaign.
  • Hold a House Party. To contact us for helpful ideas and materials, click here.
  • Contact your Legislators and tell them you support the Health Care Amendment. Not sure who your senator and representative are? Click here to find out.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor. See below for helpful hints and ideas on getting your letter published.
  • Tell your friends and get them involved. Spread your enthusiasm to others.


            Suggestions for Writing a Letter to the Editor

  • Try to keep it short. Letters to the editor are not the same as general op-ed pieces. Instead, they are about general feelings and sentiments in the community. 250 words or less is a good goal.
  • You may want to explain that the Amendment is a mandate to our elected officials to fix the broken health care system.
  • You might want to discuss why the Amendment is important to you. Have you struggled with getting health care? Have your premiums exploded beyond your ability to pay? Why is the Amendment important to you?
  • Your letter will be most effective, and more likely to be published, in your local paper. Click here for a list of all papers in Massachusetts.
  • You might want to describe the current health care situation. More than 600,000 people do not have health insurance in Massachusetts. Nationally, half of all bankruptcies are caused by medical costs -- and of those half, 70% had insurance at the time of bankruptcy.
  • It may be a good idea to describe what the Amendment is about. The amendment requires that everyone has access to comprehensive, affordable and equitably financed health care.
  • The Amendment leaves the details to the legislators but specifies that all chronic, acute, preventative, healthcare and mental health services are covered.
  • The Amendment specifies that prescription drugs and devices are covered.

Good Luck!

Don't be afraid to let us know how we can help.



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